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UPDATE: Marks Valeting is no longer trading, sorry for any inconvenience and i'd like to thank all of my customers over the years for their support.

Marks Valeting have been providing a service since 2013, leaving a full time job to start from scratch and build something that had been a hobby and passion for many years. Down to earth and honest, i prefer to drive an old van that looks good, anyone can lease a brand new van and look flashy. 

I use well known respectable brands for all my services, a 3 bucket system for washing all vehicles,.... wash, rinse and wheels.

Microfibre cloths and mitts, grit guards, pre wash and shampoo snow foam are used as standard, no short cuts, no rushing..maintaining a standard.

Please ask about regular valets, invoices are available too.

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Paint Protection

We provide a very reasonable Paint Protection service using Carpro CQuartz ceramic. This is very affective and can be applied at almost any temperature making it very handy in our typical climate!

As with all ceramic coatings they have a life span, semi permanent, some last longer and some look better, CQuartz gives you best of both.

With the correct maintenance and washing techniques you should see 3 years plus. Regular top ups using Reload or even Hydro2 will keep your pride and joy looking like new week in week out. As a standard on every wash or valet i use Carpro Hydro2 as a detail spray, giving you a nice finish and a little protection too.

CQuartz will help resist the damage caused by bird droppings, road salt, minor scratches, UV light, air contaminants ect, and making cleaning your car much easier!  

Buffing a Car

Machine Polishing and Paint Correction

This service can range from removing scratches and scuffs to a full vehicle paint correction or just an enhancement to boost the clarity of the finish. this service can be used prior to the Ceramic coating service we provide ensuring your vehicle has the best possible finish before adding the ceramic coat.

With some of the correction work or removing those deeper scratches and scuffs we may use wet flatting prior to machine polishing, normally something like a 3M Trizact pad. 

Machine polishing can come in either single stage, 2 stage or even 3 stage. This depends on the condition of the paint and what service suits you.

A single stage could be just a enhancement to boost those gloss levels or something to give you a bit of both, removing some swirls or dull paint with a light compound.

2 stage would normally be a compound to correct the paint followed by a fine polish to enhance the finish.

3 stage could be a course compound or some wet flatting followed by compound and fine polish as mentioned in the stage 2.

Just remember there is only so much paint thickness on the vehicle to play with!


Vehicle Valeting

We provide a range of valeting services to suit your needs, could be an exterior valet, or just an interior valet... or both!

This can be a safe wash with some protection in the form of a wax or sealant, you may want a simple valet or a "mini valet" ideal for regular customers or if you have a relatively tidy vehicle in need if a routine tidy up.

Or you may need something a bit more involved!.. a full valet will add a coat of wax or sealant to the paint and clean and dress the interior, includes upholstery spot cleaning or leather clean/condition.

A deep clean will give you as above with full interior shampoo including the head lining,

Dog hair removal is a extra chargeable service, there is dog hair and there is DOG HAIR!... odd bits here and there which can be removed within a normal service is fine... but there is a limit!... ask for info first if unsure, dog hair can be very time consuming, and normally comes with slobber and paw prints!!

removing dog hair on a windy day is like being in a snow globe of dog hair!

I offer TRADE valets for those in motor trade and Engine bay cleaning too.


 Detailing Extras

Please feel free to ask about extra services, this could be interior protection for your leather or upholstery or glass treatment. Also arrangments can be made for a wheels off detail, adding a Ceramic coat for the whole wheel and caliper. 
If there is a service you require but can not find any info on the site then please ask!
I can also advise on your paint condition and can point you in the right direction if you require any body work or crash damage repair.
I can offer headlight restoration if your headlights have faded or have surface damage. This can be an MOT failure, so before you panic and fork out possibly hundreds of pounds on new lights...give me a shout, see if i can sqeeze you in on time for the retest!..

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